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To little history Return to the counts happy of the forest of Tours-Preuilly is frequented since the first century before Christ by the Gallic, that exploit iron. To Middle Ages, the forest is connected to the barony Preuilly of, of which makes leaves the fief of“the Rolle (walled farm surrounded with cultures).” Of the end of the Renaissance in the middle of the XIXe century, the exploitation of the forest is bound to the activities of the furnaces of the Clay. The forest serfs to the extraction of the iron now, to the production of coal of wood and to the deposits of slags descended of the transformation of now (to see in parcel 34). At the end the XIXe century, has tile works is in activity in the locality" the fountain Bourbon “.

At the time of the revolution of 1789, the forest is sold with the castle of Azay-tea-ferron. Thereafter, the forest always belonged to the owners of the castle. In 1951-52, the family Harrow-LuzarcheRetour automatic line bequeath the whole domain in the city Tours of.

Geography Return to the counts happy of the forest of Tours-Preuilly, situated in the region natural of Gâtine south-tourangelle, be immediate in to edge of the Park Natural of the Brenne. She / it represents the third of the massive fores¬tier Preuilly of. The relief is shown there little, the altitude varying from 119 to 144 m. The forest counts numerous lays. Lay and pools represent has total surface of 22 hectares, the New lays covering to him only 13 hectares.

The trees of the forest Return to the counts happy of the foliate populations cover two third of the surface of the forest. They are essentially composed of” Oaks sessiles “, accom¬pagnés of” chestnuts ", of “beeches” and charms “. Other foliate gases present are: the red oak America of, lately introduced, the alisier torminal, the cherry tree, the sorbier of the bird-catchers, the aspen, the willow, the birch, the rustic maple, ash… Three species of pines composes the resinous populations: the maritime pine, the pine laricio and the pine forest. More frugal than the foliate gases, they were intro¬duits at the end of the XIXe century to fill the emptiness one the soils of reforestations between 1965 -1980. One some hectares, the oak sessile is accompanied with pine laricio and douglas; they form mixed populations”, that participate to the diversity of the landscapes.

Fauna Return to the counts happy of the diversity of the biotope allows the forest of Tours-Preuilly to welcome has varied fauna: deer, roebucks, boars, heart the biggest animals, goal ace foxes, hares, martens and squirrels… Also live in forest of numerous species of birds: of the passereaux to the birds of prey while passing by the pheasants, the peaks, the pigeons however the woodcocks. The surroundings of the lay offer one their side, has habitat to the ashen herons, coots, hens of water and to various species of ducks. One the humid banks of the lay, however one has path of earth, you will probably observes the prints, let by the big animals: Open l.’him!

To forest to vocation multiple Return to the counts happy of the National office of the Forests (ONF) manages the forest of Tours-Preuilly heart his / her / its owner’s account - the city Tours of - with the objectifies to reconcile the production of quality wood, the preservation of the natural habitat and landscapes, and the needs of welcome and recreation of the public.

TO circuit“the shade of the big oaks” Return to the counts of happy 2,4 Starting km dawns Lays of the ribalocheRetour lines off With automatic the passing of this trail, panels of information allow you to discover wealth faunistique, floristique and patrimonial of the site.

Circuit“the Arboretums” Return to the counts of happy 12 Return km (however 8 Km) lines off Starting automatic dawns: Lays of the RibalocheRetour lines off automatic While browsing this trail, you walk to the c.ur of the forest parcels and discover the defer aspects of the forest thus: variety of gases, practiced forestry, animal and plantation wealths, wild character of the landscapes. One the outskirts of the New lays, year ornithological observatory invites you to discover the life of the lays. Your path also crosiers year alignment of 150 species of apple trees (along the parcels 47 to 50) and another firebreak planted of about twenty varieties of chestnuts (parcel 78). Thesis old varieties haggard been planted one the advice of the association of the Devourers of Apple Touraine of.Return lines off automatic Don’t hesitate to push the spoil that you will meet one the circuit, while closing again them after your passage.

La forêt est réservée à la promenade à pied et en vélo, sur les chemins et allées forestières.

  • Un circuit réservé à la promenade à cheval monté ou attelé fait le tour de la forêt, les chevaux peuvent utiliser allées et chemin du trajet.
  • Les véhicules à moteur ne sont pas autorisés.
  • La pèche est autorisée dans l’étang de la Ribaloche.
  • Le ramassage des champignons n’est autorisé que les samedis, dimanches et Jours fériés, mais limité à la consommation personnelle.

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